General Directorate for Civil Protection and Crisis – France


CBRN Module, with 30 staff.


As department of the Ministry of the Interior, the General Directorate for Civil Protection and Crisis Management is the State office which is responsible for risk management, whether it consists of accidents in daily life or major disasters. DGSCGC is in charge of 6 features:

– County Fire and rescue services and other emergency responders;
– The operational services and national means, including heavy means, planes, helicopters and military units for civil protection;
– Crisis planning and management;
– Administration and logistics;
– Doctrine and CP regulations;
– International affairs and cooperation in CP issues.

On a daily basis, its international crisis center monitors every civil protection crisis on a national scale and coordinates the response of the fire brigades and CP organizations in close collaboration with the emergency authorities of the 7 defense zones. As national leading agency for crisis management, DGSCGC stocks on its experience in response planning and coordination gathered by dealing with complex emergencies either at the national or at the European level. Its operation center called COGIC is the national focal point with UN OCHA, ERCC (EU). It ensures round-the-clock monitoring of large-scale rescue operations at national level over French territory and abroad.




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